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Nucleo-DR Series of World Class Digital Radiography System is a technological boon to the Doctors, technicians, hospitals and patients at an affordable Indian cost. We are the First Indian Manufacturer of Digital Radiography System in the country having approval from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) since 2008 for our own manufactured brand of Nucleo-DR Series.

Nucleo-DR, Digital Radiography systems directly captures complete range of images for General Radiography in Erect, Sitting, Cross Lateral as well as in supine position and even for Trauma patients.

The High Frequency Generator giving the lower dose to patients, technicians and radiologist coupled with the Flat Panel Detector with Cesium Iodide Scintillator gives extremely high resolution images for most accurate diagnosis within seconds.

The Ergonomically designed and very user friendly U-Arm Systems as well as 3-D ceiling suspension of the tube head is fully motorised and having Auto Tracking Feature with the Detector in both horizontal and vertical positions (Synchronization) gives unlimited freedom of positioning.

Superiority compared to CR & Conventional (Analog):

  • Nucelo-DR System saves the cost of expensive replacements of cassette in CR and non eco friendly plastics and chemicals/ dark room setup for developing as used in conventional Radiography.
  • The images are displayed instantly, thus very high patient throughput is achieved as compared to conventional or CR
  • Lower Dose as compared to CR or Conventional
  • No Scanning of Cassettes required as in CR
  • It does not require handling of Screens and Cassettes
  • CR Cassette have limited life.
  • Much Higher Spatial Resoultion than CR.

A Digital Radiography has much more advantages over Analog Radiography, some of which for easy understanding can be compared with Digital Photography v/s Analog Photography.


Nucleo-DR Digital Detector

  • High resolution 3k x 3k Flat Panel Detectors
  • High Spatial resolution: up to 3.6 lp/mm ( 9 Mp) depends on detector models.
  • High dynamic range: Wide range of image processing.
  • Image Acquisition time less than 5 seconds
  • 3 Field AEC
  • Wireless - Portable Options also avaiable.

Nucleo-GenX Ultra HF Generator

  • 30 kW, 50 kW, 65 kW & 80 KW, upto 200 KHz Ultra High Frequency compact generator.
  • 40 to 150 kVp with 1 kV steps.
  • 2000 full anatomical programming ( APR).
  • Highest efficiency in global market.
  • AEC mode ion chamber
  • 0.5% ripple factor: Minimum skin dose to patient.
  • Small rise and fall time (0.6ms): Finest resolution for DR.
  • kV mA ms selection from the Work Station also.

X-ray Tube & Collimator

  • X ray tube with High Speed Rotating Anode.
  • Dual Focus 0.6 /1.2 mm sharp focal spot.
  • High Heat Capacity Tube 300/400/600 KHU
  • Multi leaf Manual/ Motorised Collimator
  • Digital Display if kV, mA & mS
  • Digital Display of SID, FFD, Height & Angulation.
  • DAP Option available.

Radiographic Mechanicals for Tube and Detector Support :

  • 3 D Ceiling suspension System with Single and Dual Detector Configurations.
  • Auto Tracking of Tube with Detector (Sychronization) on vertical stand as well as Horizontal Table.
  • Universal U-Arm System with small foot space.
  • Motorised Detector Angulation of the Vertical stand.
  • Full body multi-function radiography without disturbing patient.
  • Intelligent anti-collision protection
  • Carbon Fiber Mobile / Fixed Patient Table ( load > 200 kg)
  • Optional Motorised Elevating Table with Flaoting Table Top

Nucleo-DR Image Workstation-PC

  • Anatomically programmed radiography. (organ-specific automatic selection)
  • Single Software for both X-ray Generator Console and Image acquisition
  • Image pre-processing and Post-processing.
  • Gamma correction.
  • Window level adjustment
  • Image Invert: Positive- Negative
  • Edge enhancement.
  • Intelligent ROI (Region of Interest)
  • Optional Image Stitching Tool available
  • Special Nucleo-DICOMSee, DICOM image Viewing software given to every patient along with images, so that DICOM format images are viewed by any doctor on any PC
  • Medical Grade / Clinical Grade 20" TFT Display Monitors for Diagnosis
  • DICOM 3 Compliant, compatible with any existing Network, RIS, HIS etc

DR systemDR system


Nucle-DR Upgrade - Retrofit Solutions

Wired / Wireless - Cassette Size

A Retrofit Solution for upgrading existing Systems to Digital Radiography.
Nucleotech also provides more affordable solutions for existing X-ray systems to convert into DR.
All private as well as government hospitals and diagnostic centres, who wouldn't want to discard the existing X-ray system and would like to upgrade the system to DR, Nucleo-UDR is the solution.
Our Portable as well as Cassette size detectors would fit in the existing system, connected to our Workstation software. As soon as we take exposure within 5 seconds the image is available on the workstation screen, in DICOM format. The image can then be sent to any Dicom Printer, CD ,PAC, RIS, HIS or even exported in jpg formats and emailed.
This system provides high resolution for better diagnosis and gives lower dose to the patients, which would surly enhance patient's pride in getting diagnosed in your centre.


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