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NGX 30-80 kW RAD/RF upto 240 kHz Ripple Frequency


Nucleotech has brought into market a major technological breakthrough based on a unique and patented ultra-high frequency technology the Nucleo-GenX series of RAD & RAD/RF Generators.



  • Ultra-high output frequency of up to 240 kHz.
  • Solid state high-voltage modules (no transformer oil).
  • Compact size and reduced weight.
  • Modular design allowing to grow an existing generator from 30 kW to 45 kW 50 kW to 65 kW to 80 kW with the simple addition of Inverter Boards.
  • Exceptionally high efficiency resulting in reduced mains line impedance requirements and power consumption
  • Leading-edge self-diagnostic capabilities and fast auto-tube calibration.
  • Extremely sharp rise times and fall times unparalleled by any other generator on the market.


RAD Factors
kW30, 45, 50, 65 or 80
kV40 to 150, with 1 kV steps
mA10 to 400,500,630, 800 or 1000
mAs0.4 to 1000
Time1.0 ms to 10 seconds
Serial mode using upto 30 f/s & 60 second run length


Workstations Six configurable image receptors, with Anatomical Programmer easily adaptable for different modalities or exposure modes.

APR Upto 2000 examinations

AEC Mode suitable for Ion chambers, photomultiplier tube, photodiode or flat panel

Fluoro Factors Continious &/or Pulsed Fluoro mode;
ABS using Ion chambers, photomultiplier tube,
photodiode or flat panel
KV Upto 125 kV,with programmable range (140 kV optional)
mA 0.2 to 12.5 mA in continuous Fluoro (20 mA optional)

Pulsed Fluoro Factors

mA 16 to 80 mA
Pulse width 5.0 to 63 ms
mAs 0.08 to 5.0 mAs
Pulse rate 0.25 to 30 p/s
Programmable Surface Dose rate: Enhances the image quality without being detrimental to the total Fluoroscopic Entrance Exposure Rate

Variable Pulse Rate & Pulse width: Dose Reduction mode, quicker and better image stabilization.

Dimensions: 441 mm x 578 mm x 492mm
Weight: 64 to 75 kg
Power Line: 3-phase line, from 380 VAC to 480 VAC (50Hz to 60 Hz)


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Technical Collaboration with Bhabha Atomic Research Center Mumbai, more>>


* January 2008 : Visit us at 61st National conference IRIA, Bangalore from 17th to 20th January 2008.

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